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September 3, 2019

Dear Las Palmas Homeowners,
Recently, some of you may have received email communication that appeared to have come from the Las Palmas HOA. This has caused some confusion by those owners receiving this communication from a group called “Las Palmas Owners”.

The Las Palmas HOA can confirm that these emails are being sent out to an undisclosed list of Las Palmas Owners. These emails are being signed by Jackie Jeklinski and Carmen Winkel. We do not know why they are being sent out. We want to thank those owners that have forwarded these rogue emails to the HOAs attention, so they can properly be addressed.

The Las Palmas HOA takes offense to how these emails and how their content is being communicated through this group. This group and these individuals do not in any way represent the views of the Las Palmas HOA nor are they individuals associated with the Las Palmas HOA. They are not in the position to communicate such matters. They have not attended any HOA Board meetings, they are not on the Financial Oversight Committee or any other committee.

The HOA is unclear where they are receiving their version of information regarding Las Palmas and how the HOA is doing things or what the HOA by-laws are. The information they are disseminating appears to be based loosely on information discussed at the last HOA Board meeting.

The meeting was open to all owners and Ron Studeny, an owner representative of the Financial Oversight committee, brought forth questions by what he called “concerned owners”.  At that time the Board spent several hours providing information that also included any HOA legal matters with attorneys specializing in Sonora State HOA law to help provide clarity.

The Las Palmas HOA wants to clear the record regarding this group and its communication. This information being emailed is a distorted and misleading version of information the HOA has already communicated in past bulletins or is in the process of being worked on and are not yet finalized.

There are statements made that show an unfamiliarity of the CCRs that govern us, and the proper procedures required to operate an HOA community.  The Role of the Board and its Powers and Duties are clearly identified in Article 3.9 of our CCRs.

It is important to note that the Las Palmas HOA and its Board members are responsible to the owners to follow HOA rules and regulations and provide communication to all owners in an official capacity.  This rogue group is not.  Communication has to be properly vetted and must communicate the full picture. Spreading erroneous information with total disregard of the HOA rules is not only irresponsible but is also reckless and does not serve any purpose except harm our community. Reckless behavior is not the answer to whatever this group's agenda may be. It only leads to more reckless action.

How far does a person go to make their point?  Jackie Jeklinski, who is sending out these emails, is the same person that attended last annual owners meeting and was involved in an incident where she assaulted a 93-year-old woman attending the meeting in front of many witnesses. Others in the same group accosted fellow owners to try to make their point.

This is totally unacceptable and shameful behavior. This will not be tolerated and cannot happen again. The people that participate in this type of behavior must be called out by the majority in order to stop it.  As per our CCRs Board of Directors Article 3.9, this year the board, in addition to its regular duties is facing additional operational challenges to try to keep Las Palmas operating above water. We have a budget that is still one of the lowest in Peñasco, but with a delinquency rate that is now at its highest.

Thanks to this group and their friends who seem to want Las Palmas to fail are still not paying their fair share of HOA assessments is just adding to the challenges. The board calls for all owners to give this community all the support they can give instead of attacking us with everything they can muster like this small group is trying to do.

We call for all owners to at least read the CCRs and cooperate and follow the rules set forth on making change in accordance with the CCRs. The legal process set forth in the CCRs is the correct process for change, if change is what the majority want. There will be three elected Board of Director positions available at our next owners meeting in January 2020.

Our community HOA system is based on a democracy.  Annually owners are elected to voluntarily serve the community and to make decisions in the best interest of our community based on the CCRs and the direction the majority of owners set forth. It is hard enough to do all of this under normal circumstances let alone with these extraordinary constraints.

Ever since the HOA has called out those owners violating our rules and not paying their fair share of assessments, we find ourselves under constant unlawful attack by this small group and their “friends” and “Facebook Family”. The reality of the matter is this small group is only attacking themselves as owners and inflicting great damage to our community.  They have taken every opportunity to obstruct, distract and even threaten the HOA and its staff to a point where they become disenchanted and resign.

This type of irresponsible communication and actions throughout the year including the last HOA owners meeting by the few is not how people should behave and this conduct needs to stop.  The HOA Board is elected to oversee the operation of the Las Palmas and this year there are many challenges requiring a deep commitment by board members and those working for Las Palmas.

There are many issues the HOA is working on to help make Las Palmas a better community.  The recently added beach pool amenities and their upkeep and new adult only policy, common area upkeep with limited budget, erosion of villa rails, high delinquencies and liens, collections, aging infrastructure, preparing for a five-member board, to name just a few.  With all this on the HOA plate we are still managing and doing so according to the power vested to the Board and at the direction of the owners from the last owners meeting.

In the next few days the Las Palmas HOA will be sending out official communication to all owners on the state of Las Palmas and any updates on the progress of all the items mentioned.
Las Palmas HOA Board of Directors
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Assesment Notice  December 28 2018

Info Newsletter December 7 2018

Your 2018 newsletter is in the mail! You should be receiving your 7th annual edition Anything is Possible via snail mail any day now.  We have included a few more up to date photos for you to get a better sense of how gorgeous the new pool really is.   You can see how seamless the negative edge looks, and you will feel like you are swimming in the sea.  You may also click on the photo to the right to download a PDF copy of the newsletter.

We have also included a progress slide show, that shows daily photos taken of the pool, when it started from a hole in the ground in November to present day.  Just click on the link below to see the impressive daily transformation.  Our hats off to Osvaldo and the construction crews who made the pool a reality in just three months!

At this years annual meeting the board has approved an owners appreciation drawing and will issue a raffle ticket to each owner when they sign-in for a chance to win a small gift or prize.  Raffle numbers will be called during the meeting and owners must be present to win.

In an effort to complete the owners meeting on topic and on schedule, and at the same time allow those owners that have HOA related questions, the Las Palmas HOA will be holding a Discovery Information Session on Friday, February 9, 2018, from 6pm to 8pm. This session will have all three board members present along with Osvaldo. The board will make available the HOA books for 2017 for any owners to view and to ask questions. These HOA books are always available for all owners to view onsite at our HOA office with reasonable notice. Additionally, the board will be available to answer any questions owners may have on any HOA matter if it is not directly related to the owners meeting agenda, as these meeting agenda topics are reserved for the official owners meeting. We want this year's owners meeting to be completed within a reasonable period of time, to minimize the interruptions, and to focus on the agenda topics. These meetings should last no more than 2 to 3 hours.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Owners Meeting, 10:00am Saturday, February 10th, and if you can, please try to attend the pool ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday the 9th!  If you are not able to attend, please be sure to send your proxy with your voting instructions.

Click for Daily Progress Photos SlideShow