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21 Dec 2019    2020 Agenda & Proxy

2020 Agenda & Proxy

27 Jan 2019    Voting Results 2019

Here is the official results of voting at annual meeting February 10, 2018:


Voting Results 2019 Click here for viewable, printable version 

24 Dec 2018    2019 Agendas

View or print SPANISH version of 2019 agenda


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10 Feb 2018    Voting Results 2018

Here is the official results of voting at annual meeting February 10, 2018:


24 Jan 2018    2018 HOA Meeting Letter

Dear Owners,

The Las Palmas Board of Directors wants to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the very best in 2018.  We would like to let the owners of Las Palmas know 2017 was another tremendous year for your investment in Las Palmas.  The values of our properties continue to go up relative to other properties.  The owners participating in the HOA rental system continue to notice improved rental income and services.  There have been fewer issues and better services by the HOA’s onsite rental operator, Las Palmas Reservations (LPR).  The HOA continues to receive improved rental impact fees that continue to allow the HOA to provide services such as free TV, Phone Service to U.S, Canada and Mexico in Clubhouse area.  Additionally, Internet and WIFI services are free throughout the Las Palmas common areas.
Our community continues to invest in our infrastructure and in our future with projects including our Beach Pool area as well as the walkways leading to the beach.  Our budget has been kept to its minimum, and there have been no additional homeowner assessments to fund projects. We have completed projects from our operational surplus, savings, and impact fees designated to go back to our community’s infrastructure, maintenance and upkeep.  For this reason the Board was only able to do the beach pool project and now the pathways.  As the Board builds up its reserves and funds become available, it will complete all remaining approved 2017 projects where possible.

There are no new Las Palmas projects slated for the 2018 agenda.  The Board believes it is important to focus on maintaining and improving common areas and existing amenities in 2018.  The new pool area will not only add value and revenue for the HOA and those in the rental pool; but, it will also increase the expenses necessary to operate this new amenity.  Even with increased utilities and labor required to maintain this new beach pool area, the Board will not propose any increase in the current budget for 2018.  The Board anticipates an upturn in impact fees to subsidize the increase in expenses.  The Board will evaluate these upgrades and other common area amenities to measure the effect it will have on our expenses and will re-evaluate periodically for next year’s budget.    

Las Palmas experienced a heavy high season that kept all HOA staff very busy well into October.   The Board held information sessions in Phoenix on October 27th, and at Las Palmas on October 28th to update owners on the 2017 HOA operations and projects.  The Board provided information regarding the new beach pool area project with the negative-edge pool facing the beach and an adult oriented pool (with heating capability) behind the negative edge pool.  In between the two pools there is a swim up bar and grill to provide food and beverages. This state of the art project is equipped with an underground mechanical room minimizing any unnecessary obstruction to the Villas and to our community.  The Board worked with Villa owners directly affected by the project and worked to accommodate their needs and concerns.  Their main concern was the mechanical room obstruction. With amendments to the plans we managed to place all mechanical areas underground for less visual and noise obstruction for a reasonable cost.  More importantly, the Board believes the Villa owners participation resulted in changes improving the overall quality and “Wow Factor”.  This project may replace our signature Mega Slide in attraction and value to our community.  The Board has worked diligently to make this pool the best possible project within the available budget constraints.  Originally the pool project was estimated to cost approximately $150,000.  The added underground mechanical room and changes to the beach access area to be less obstructive to the Villas increased the estimate to $200,000.  At this time there will be funds available to complete most, if not all, pathways leading to the pool and beach areas.  The HOA has up to $50,000 available for the pathways.  The Board can confirm these pathways are in dire need of repair.  Due to the lower cost of cement and labor while completing the beach pool, the pathways project will save a substantial amount of money for the HOA.

The October 27 and 28, 2017 information sessions provided a lot of material and gave owners in attendance an opportunity to ask questions and give their input.  Information sessions are also an occasion to evaluate the need for a possible second owner meeting.  However, a very small number of owners attended.  Unfortunately only thirteen owners, including the Board, met in Phoenix, and only a few more met at Las Palmas.  This is the third year the Board held information sessions and each year the number of owner participants has decreased.  With such lackluster turnout, there is little need for future information sessions, nor organizing a second owners meeting each year. 

The Board also took the opportunity to officially announce the resignation of our long time Treasurer, Jaana Ponzio, due to the sale of her unit, and introduced Bonnie Horton as the new appointed Treasurer.  A plaque has been placed in the Owners/Guest services office commemorating Jaana’s service with the HOA and Las Palmas.  The Board wants to thank Jaana for her many years of service, 2009 to 2017, volunteering her time and resources for our community.  We will always be indebted to her for her contributions in improving and making Las Palmas the community it is today, and we wish her all the best.

In 2017, the Las Palmas HOA experienced substantially more occupancy. There were specific incidents with some owners renting on their own and whom may be operating a private rental business.  This is prohibited per our community’s bylaws.  Moreover, there are owners using third party rental companies instead of our onsite rental operator, LPR.  This goes against Las Palmas HOA’s rental system and does not follow Hacienda guidelines.   Additionally, there are some impact fees not being paid and the additional cost of the wear and tear on our community is not being covered.  To date, the HOA has been using the “honor system” for those owners not in the rental pool to determine if guests are renters, guests of owners, or a casual guest paying the owner some money to cover the owners’ expenses.  This “honor system” has clearly been abused by some and is causing issues for the community and the HOA.  The HOA has had owners in compliance advise them of others that are in violation of community policies for renting units.  These owners want to know why “some owners are able to operate outside the rules, and benefit at the expense of others.”  The HOA does not believe the non-compliant owners should benefit at the cost of owners following the rules.  The honor system has been eliminated and the Board will investigate any situation where there may be owner abuse within the rental system.  Please be aware, the HOA Hacienda representatives have already visited Las Palmas HOA to inquire about our rental practices and are seeking those that are not in compliance with Hacienda.  The HOA rental system and those participating in the rental pool are in full compliance.  The HOA is again reminding Las Palmas Owners of rental compliance and the current Las Palmas rental system.  Even though it has been over two years since the implementation of the Las Palmas HOA rental system, it appears some owners may not understand the bylaws and the rental system rules.  To recap, Las Palmas’ policy does not allow for third party rental companies to operate at Las Palmas.  All third-party rental companies must go through LPR, the HOA rental operator.  This is to ensure the highest standards are upheld, in addition to compliance with Las Palmas bylaws and Hacienda.  As per Las Palmas bylaws Section 3.11, exclusively to residential use, “No trade or business may be conducted.”  Operating a rental business from an owner’s unit goes against our very own bylaws.  This is one reason why LPR was created.  This allows all owners the opportunity to participate in an approved HOA rental pool system where it complies with our bylaws and provides all participating owners rental revenues.  Ownership in Associations have restrictions for the protection of all owners against liabilities to the community and protect the Association’s “not for profit” standing.  The HOA rental system requires owners to pay impact fees on any of their paying guests where the owner is not participating in the LPR rental pool and not a business.  If necessary, the HOA will assess penalties, fines and restrictions for those found abusing the system.  Although this matter involves a small group, it is important to bring it to the attention of all owners so everyone is aware of the challenges facing the HOA and our community.  Abuse is costly for us all, resulting in less revenue for those participating in the HOA rental system and fewer HOA impact fees.  In turn, the HOA incurs added expenses in upkeep and in dealing with the abuse.  In the end we all lose.  We ask all owners for their cooperation in this matter.

For the first year in a long time, the Board has not placed any new Las Palmas projects on the agenda.  There are three main reasons for this:  we have almost reached the capacity of adding projects to improve the development of Las Palmas with the new beach pool area, we still have outstanding projects from 2017 to complete.  Our focus now needs to be on existing projects requiring upkeep and maintenance.

The HOA has placed two proposals for owners to vote on at the owner assembly meeting on February 10, 2018.  One proposal is to eliminate the “adult only” pool policy that was implemented after the 2017 owners’ meeting.  With the new beach pool development this type of policy is no longer necessary.  The other is to give beach access to the Las Palmas Tower(s) development directly behind the Las Palmas property.  Las Palmas HOA will not be involved in the development in any way; but, the proposal is structured to give the owners of Las Palmas the opportunity to participate in its development and have first access in the sale of these units. The HOA will benefit by placing conditions including Las Palmas receiving underground parking and other benefits including access to the main road.  The result will be a greater and stronger Las Palmas with more owners to provide more benefits to the total community.  Dan Dimovski will present this proposal and provide more detailed information on how things will be structured and how they will work.  This opportunity has recently been made possible when the owner of the land put it up for sale and brought it to the HOA’s attention.  The land owner has already sold the land just east of Las Palmas as well as the land behind Las Palmas next to Bella Sirena.  The existing land can accommodate a development of one large tower or two small towers.  The land is approximately 100 meters between and behind the Bonita and Delphin buildings and goes all the way back to the main road. This specific land can only benefit a development that will become part of Las Palmas.  Las Palmas would give access to this development with conditions that benefit Las Palmas. Because of the nature of this proposal and its opportunity, it is difficult to provide more information to the owners due to many factors that may work against Las Palmas.  Therefore, we ask for those owners who believe it is a good idea and a benefit to Las Palmas to please attend this very important meeting. Attendees will receive the most up to date information and details as it relates to the investment opportunity as well as the first opportunity to purchase in this development.  Owners who have already come to the Board about the possibility of this development are very excited about this opportunity and have supported placing this proposal on the agenda for all owners to decide for themselves.

Finally, the Board would like to stress the importance of these meetings. The Las Palmas Owners’ Assembly Meetings are held once a year and we are fortunate the majority of owners attend.  Typically, well over 100 owners are present.  Owners come from all over the world to attend our meetings.  We encourage our owners to have a good time and partake in the festivities accompanying this very important meeting.  It is also important to note, appropriate behavior at the owners’ annual meeting is not only necessary, but mandatory, in order to complete HOA business. 

The annual meetings also provide all owners the opportunity to participate in the decision making process and direction of the community.  In the event you are unfamiliar with Roberts Rule of Order, we require common courtesy to be shown to fellow owners.  Lastly, alcoholic beverages, or being “under the influence” while attending important meetings is unacceptable and disrespectful to all owners.  The Board of Directors is asking for everyone’s cooperation.  Please be mindful of others and refrain from all inappropriate behavior during the owners meeting.

All owners are invited to the annual Owner Appreciation Fiesta on the evening of February 10, 2018.  This year, LPR will host a pre-Fiesta event in the new beach pool area between the hours of 4:00 - 6:00 PM.  Immediately following at 6:00 pm, is the Fiesta at UNO MAS.  Additionally, do not forget to attend the Beach Pool Inaugural Grand Opening celebration scheduled for 2:00 PM on Friday February 9, 2018, with festivities and celebration activities till dusk.  At the time of this publication the beach pool is on schedule to be completed in time for the owners meeting.  Should this not be the case, the inaugural event will be cancelled and rescheduled in the near future.

 Please RSVP Lynda Saveski, US Administrator, and Osvaldo Beltran, onsite Las Palmas Administrator if you are planning to attend.  We encourage all Las Palmas owners to attend this annual owner’s assembly meeting where decisions on HOA business and discussions on furthering the betterment of our Las Palmas community can be made together.
Thank you.
Your Las Palmas Board of Directors,
Bonnie Horton, Bruce Turner, and Dan Dimovski
Click here for printable version
23 Jan 2018    2018 Agenda





Based on the stipulation under article 2 and article 28 as set out in the Las Palmas Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s), for an annual meeting of the Members of the Association, also consistent with article 32 of the Condominium and Home Owners Association Property Regime Real Estate Law for the State of Sonora, we convoke in First Call, all the members of the Las Palmas Home Owners Association located on Paseo Las Palmas SN, Edificio 1 Interior Casa Club. Col. Costa Diamante, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora 83550 to the effect of holding a General Assembly meeting on the 10th day of the month of February 2018, at 10:00 hours, in the multipurpose area of the second floor of the clubhouse. In the same way for the event of no gathering legal quorum in the moment mentions above, we convoke for the same purpose, in Second Call at 10:30 hours in the same date and place; meeting that will be held by the following agenda:   

NOTE : Appropriate behavior at owners annual meeting is necessary in order to complete the business of the HOA and for all owners to be given the opportunity to participate in the decision making and direction of the community. Alcoholic beverages and being “under the influence” while attending important meetings is unacceptable and disrespectful to all owners. The Board of Directors is asking for everyone’s cooperation.

February 10, 2018, 10:00 am  -  Member Check-In/Registration

1.     1.  Call to order, Welcome by the HOA President.  

2.     2.  Election of the President of the assembly meeting, appointment of the Secretary and the assignment of Scrutinizers. 

3.     3.  Validation of Legal Quorum, in which case, declaration of a legal integration of the assembly.

4.     4.  Introduction of board members, onsite management team, administration, etc.

5.     5.  HOA President’s Report.

  •   The “State of Las Palmas” 
  •   A review of 2017
  •   Review of the HOA rental system operated by Las Palmas Reservations (LPR).
  •   The direction for 2018.

6.     6.  Vice President’s Report. To include information regarding Las Palmas security and onsite operational overview; expectations for 2018. 

7.       7.  Treasurer’s Financial Report.    

8.       8.   Las Palmas Onsite Manager operational report.

9.      9.   Update and reminder information on the Las Palmas Rental system. There are owners who may not be aware of the current Las Palmas rental system policies and practices.  

a.    Las Palmas policy does not allow for third party rental companies to operate in Las Palmas. All third-party rental companies must go through LPR, the HOA rental operator. This is to ensure the highest standards are upheld, compliance with Las Palmas bylaws and Hacienda.  

b.   As per Las Palmas bylaws section 3.11, exclusively to residential use “No trade or business may be conducted”. Operating a rental business from your unit goes against our bylaws. One of the reasons the HOA Rental System was created was to allow owners the opportunity to participate in an approved HOA rental pool system that is in compliance with our bylaws. Ownership in Associations have restrictions for the protection of all owners against liabilities to the community and protect the Association’s “not for profit” standing. 

c.   Our HOA rental system has allowed for owners to pay impact fees on their paying guests where the owner is not participating in the LPR rental pool and is not a business. The Board has been using the honor system and has found that there has been possible abuse of this honor system.

Note: Moving forward, section 5.1 of the bylaws “Power of the Board to impose fines.” The HOA will apply restrictions, penalties and fines should there be situations where there is abuse, or should owners not comply with the HOA bylaws and the rental system. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis. It is simply unfair to the vast majorities of owners that are complying with the bylaws.

10.    10.  The 2018 HOA improvement standards initiative. As we complete projects that improve the Las Palmas value to owners and our community, the HOA will turn its focus in 2018 to the quality and standards of the common areas. With the completion of the beach pool area project there will be less need to focus on additional amenities and more focus on keeping our common areas at the highest standards. In order for our guests to respect our community it is also important for those owners in the rental pool and those owners that have units visible to the common areas to keep and maintain their units at the same standard. LPR has acquired the services of a local home designer that will work with LPR and all owners to improve their units for rental purposes or those non-rental units visible to the common areas.  Information about this free service will be available at the meeting and at the Owners/Guest Services Office.

H     11.  HOA Proposals to be voted on:

Proposal I

Owners of Las Palmas to approve beach access and sharing of all common areas in a proposed development to be known as “Las Palmas Tower(s)”. This is not a Las Palmas HOA project and the HOA will not have any involvement in the development.  The only Las Palmas HOA role in this process is to place this proposal on the agenda so all owners are aware of this opportunity and to place conditions on the proposal if passed by the owners to ensure that this proposal adds to the value of our community and this proposal gives each individual owner of Las Palmas the first opportunity to invest and the first opportunity to purchase based on each owners current ownership in Las Palmas. Additionally, the HOA has placed a condition on the proposal to include additional parking for Las Palmas owners to be underground and to allow for shared parking once the project is completed and the development is given access and utilizes combined common areas access similar in concept to the Las Palomas development. The HOA conditions of this proposal are benefits to all owners if approved access is given:

  • ·      If the proposal is approved, the Developer agrees to Las Palmas owners shared underground parking.  
  • ·     If this proposal is approved, Developer agrees to Las Palmas owners to have equal proportionate opportunity to invest in the development based on their current ownership percentage in Las Palmas in the form of a first right of refusal. If approved it will the first development financed by the owners where the owners can benefit in the profit through a limited liability partnership (LLP) arrangement. Any additional necessary financing after the in-house investment by owners can be procured privately or publically, outside of Las Palmas ownership.
  • ·     If this proposal is approved, every current Las Palmas owner will have equal opportunity to purchase the new Pas Palmas Tower(s) unit(s) through a lottery system where new Tower units can be sold at ground pre-sale pricing prior to any sales going to the public.
  • ·     If this proposal is approved, based on economies of scale, more units sharing in the overall expenses can result in lower HOA fees to the cost per unit. The proposed Las Palmas Tower(s) may have 100 to 150 units. This number of units added to our existing 172 can substantially benefit our current already reasonable HOA fee situation.
  • ·     If this proposal is approved, Las Palmas will gain access from the main east to west road just like Bella Sirena and Esmeralda. Las Palmas will no longer depend on the current side road that is currently a dead end road.
  • ·     If this proposal is approved, Las Palmas owners will benefit from the additional services and amenities the new Las Palmas Tower(s) will provide, such as additional pools, spas, saunas, restaurants, gaming areas, exercise areas, etc.

Note: All owners must be aware of the sensitive nature of this proposal. The magnitude of a project like this requires some confidentiality and privacy as land and developer are yet to be procured and this proposal requires a substantial amount of negotiations should the owners of Las Palmas approve access and the sharing of both developments common area. A more detailed presentation will be made by Dan Dimovski at the owners meeting.  There will be an opportunity for all owners attending this meeting to ask questions.

Proposal II

The Board of Directors is proposing to eliminate the “Adult Only” pool policy at Las Palmas. As  you may recall, in 2017 this was passed by the owners to designate one pools and hot tubs each month at either the Grande or Baja buildings as “Adult Only”. At the time, Las Palmas was experiencing a high volume of guests utilizing all our pool areas. There were more family oriented guests using all the pool areas at the expense of adult guests seeking reasonable peace and comfort. Las Palmas just did not have the pool area capacity to provide pool space for all ages with reasonable peace and comfort for all at the same time. Since last year, many things have changed. With the addition of the new beach pool area we will have nearly doubled our pool real estate area at Las Palmas. The new beach pool area is actually two pools in one. Both will have pool sunbeds and swim up bar capability. The front beach facing pool will be the negative edge pool for all ages and the back facing beach pool will be more adult oriented and will include two warm Jacuzzis and two booth style pool sitting areas for small groups. This pool will be more adult oriented and will also be closer to the new large five meter “Ying Yang” style Jacuzzi. With all these new developments and changes, it is the position of the Board that there is no longer the need for “Adult Only” pool at Baja and Grande and we no longer need to segregate our guests based on age. There will be more than enough pool real estate between our current family oriented clubhouse pools and slide area and with our added beach pools to accommodate our guests of all ages.

12. 12.  Presentation and voting of the 2018 Operational Budget.

13. 13.  Board Member election and voting procedures. A 3-year Term Board Member (Bruce Turner – HOA Vice President Role). Bruce Turner has announced that he will be seeking re-election in his role as Las Palmas Board of Director Vice President. Any owners wishing to run for the Director position and who would like their name placed on our ballot please forward your resume to our website ASAP so it can be added to the meeting package materials and so that owners will have an opportunity to review your resume online prior to our meeting.

14. 14.  Final call for nominations and brief statement by nominees.

15. 15.  Questions and Answers.

16. 16.  Results of the voting on proposals and board member election.

17. 17.   Closing of the owners’ assembly. Meeting adjourned. 

*************OWNER APPRECIATION***********

Please join us for a cocktail hour hosted by LPR from 4pm to 6pm in the new exciting beach pool area on Saturday February 10, 2018. There will be appetizers, beer, wine, sodas and water followed by the annual Owners’ Appreciation Fiesta with in the second level owner’s clubhouse multi-purpose / UNO MAS bar and lounge. Catering by “The Grille at Las Palmas Resort” Restaurant. 

Additionally, do not forget to attend the Beach Pool Inaugural Grand Opening celebration which has been scheduled for 2 PM Friday February 9, 2018 with festivities and celebration activities till dusk. Note, at the time of this publication the beach pool is on schedule to be completed in time for the owners meeting. Should this not be the case the inaugural event will be cancelled and rescheduled for the near future.

NOTE: Owner Appreciate Fiesta for OWNERS ONLY. Guest of Owners welcome and will have an option to purchase tickets based on availability. It is appreciated and helpful if Owners RVSP.

22 Jan 2018    Facts About Renting


It is important that all owners are aware of the Las Palmas  bylaws. Living in an Association community there are explicit rules that must be followed in order to keep our “non for profit” standing as a Home Owners Association registered with the state of Sonora in order to avoid very serious Hacienda repercussions. Consistently, our community regime has been approved as exclusively for the purpose of “Residential Use Only”, as per our bylaws section 3.11. This must be upheld by the HOA and the community.

In order to comply with our own bylaws and requirements, Las Palmas community has approved an HOA rental system where owners can participate in rental pool structure collectively that complies with our bylaws and ensures “ No trade or business may be conducted on any Lot/Unit or in or from any Residential Unit on an individual basis. Self renting is a form of a trade or business and does not comply with our bylaws and “non for profit” standing. Advertising a self renting business in any way that identifies the unit on websites or any public forum is apparent and detectable as an existence or operation of a trade or business.

The current HOA rental system complies with Association bylaws in all respects. Since it is not a private system, it is a community system where the HOA overseen compliance and ensures conditions are in place for the rental pool operator and owners participating in the rental pool to operate in the best interest of the Las Palmas community. This is the reason why all third party rental companies must go through the onsite operator where the HOA can ensure all compliance.

16 Jan 2018    Notice of Meetings

This notice is to advise owners that per the bylaws of our HOA, written notice of the agenda for annual meeting will be given15 days prior to the meeting date.

1 Dec 2017    2018 Annual HOA Meeting

Annual HOA Meeting has been scheduled for February 10, 2018.

31 Jan 2017    Voting Results 2017 HOA Meeting