June 26, 2019 @ 7:21 PM

Complaints about the adult pool are impacting the guest experience and creating ill will and will cause a decrease in future rentals,

Below are a sample of some of the negative reviews posted on social media and travel partners, AirbnB, HomeAway, VRBO, etc.:

  • The room was fine however we will not return again. 1. The kids are not allowed in the swim up pool but the drunk adults are allowed on the slides and did not watch out for the children. 2. The blow up swim toys that are SOLD ON THE PROPERTY were not allowed in the pool. 3. The drink coolers were not allowed near the pool and had to be taken back against the wall. Ridiculous rules that were never enforsed before. Once the holiday weekend was over and most people left the families that remained with children did not order dinks from the swim up bar and the poor bar tenders were standing around twiddling their thumbs not making tips!!! Will never reccomend this "resort" to anyone.
  • Speaking of the kid pool, my kids loved it. The slides were fun for all ages and the 2x1 bar right next to it did not hurt! BUT, there is no ocean view! You could be in any resort it’s any place and not know the difference. The new infinity pool is spectacular but I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to use it. BOTH sides of the pool are adult only, so families with kids under 18 are not allowed to enjoy the pool that actually has an ocean view. I understand if you had an overflow of adults needing both sides, but for 5 days those pools were pretty much empty while all the families were banished to the kiddie pool with no view. Using one side for adults only is not unreasonable and would ease the overcrowding at the other pool.
  • Hey there… Sorry to bother you… We just checked in and I have a question… I have to say I’m really disappointed that the adult pool is the one that faces the ocean… I had no idea.. The kids pool in  the back is filled with a million people .. are all the other resorts like that with pools adults only?
  • Are we allowed to pay for a day pass and visit another properties pool?t will be nice if they allowed children used all the pools so parents could enjoy the pool and the bar at the same time; specially if you are going on a big group and there is children it’s hard to separate the group and you consume less adults beverages on the pool area because you are not having as much fun as the group is separate because they don’t allow children on the pool.
  • Did not like the new rules if the kids can't be at the new pool with parents but othere than that the condo was really nice and comfortable
  • This is the third year that we have rented this villa with our kids and grandkids. Our first year, there was no pool in front of the villa. Last year, there was a beautiful pool divided into two halves -- one had an infinity pool in it and the other did not. Kids were permitted to swim in the side that did not have the infinity pool. This year, kids were not permitted in that pool at all. That was a big disappointment, especially since that pool was rarely used by anyone. If Las Palmas would like to make that pool inaccessible to kids, I would suggest that a compromise be reached -- perhaps the compromise of last year or perhaps the pool could be adults-only on weekends. Many large groups with children stay at the villas. And, we saw many kids being disappointed as they were asked to exit the pool.
  • Pool policies make no sense, no kids allowed in the main pool. I get it, there is a bar, but children should be allowed in a pool bit not sitting at the bar. It's a family resort!
  • We really enjoyed our recent stay at Las Palmas despite a few hiccups with our unit which I will describe. Pros: the check in was fast and professional, staff is friendly and helpful, the beach is especially nice at Las Palmas, the spa (which I have used twice) is clean and my massage was great, the pools are fun and well planned. Which gets me to the cons: the pool by the ocean is for adults only which meant that it was nearly empty most of the time while the other pool was so crowded that I had to wait twenty minutes for a chair to even sit in AND the day I wanted to watch the sunset from the adults only pool I couldn’t because my 9 year old daughter was asked to leave the adults only pool area even though the pool was nearly empty as previously mentioned. Please Las Palmas, get your owners to upgrade the units to match your nice facilities and service.
  • We rented this house to be near the pool and our kids were asked constantly to get out of the pool and asked to get out of the jacuzzi which NO ONE uses.
  • Villa 9 people had two infants of approximetely 9 months of age inside the new pool, so they were asked to leave the new pool because of the HOA rules, then they saw a 18year old in the pool and they requested her being removed from the pool also (villa 15) they were told she was an Adult and they said she was not 21 Years Old ��, then guards explain that in Mexico laws if you are 18 you are an Adult, then they started verbally fighting with the villa 15 people...
  • I have a situation with a renter of villa 6, he does not want to take out his kids out of the adult pool.  Guards went and he got upset.  He came to Frontdesk and complain. He will is not take his kids out of the adult pool.  Renter says that the rules he got does not specify the adults only pool. * Rules are stated and signs are posted.
  •  would rate this resort Above average but the ONLY thing that was disappointed that, my son was not able to enjoy the main pool. The security was RUDE and demanded we leave the pool. If it's because of the bar, the kids pool has a bar also. I would understand not having the kids near the bar area, but not in the entire pool. This will be our third time at this resort but because of the pool situation we will probably look for another resort. NO other compliant other than that one.
  • We always love staying at this resort! It is a great family getaway. We also love the new pool, but were very disappointed that it is an adult only pool. There are so many families that stay there and it would be nice if at least one of the two pools was kid friendly
  • My family and I have booked at Las Palmas every year for the past 7 years, we had been wanting to return, however this year my children and I were not allowed to enter the pool that faces the beach, the hot tub did not have hot water.  This was very disappointing because we did it last year and it was the reason we came back even when we had considered other options.  I recognize the strategies they do to attract a specific market, 3 years ago they didn't allow us the access to the pools that were located in the Baja building arguing that it was only for adults.  The decisions made by the owners took us by surprise when we arrived at the place.  My family and I have decided that this was the last time we will stay at Las Palmas. I think it's time to try other places..
  • The new rule about no kids in adult pool was very disappointing. We were a family with children and it split us up and I didn’t like that at all. I do understand that adults with no children would not want them around but it should be adults only in the infinity pool, families in the other pool and kids and adults in the kids pool. It was like that last year and it was perfect especially when there’s barely any people during the week. Other than that it was great.
  • This is the second year that we have rented Villa #15. We had a very wonderful time last year however this year fell VERY short of our expectations. I would like a refund of some of the rental fee. The first time I took my Grandkids to the pool outside the unit the security officer came over a told me that the pool was for adults only my grand kids a I were very disappointed. We rented this unit because it was close to the pool and my parents can sit on the porch and watch their great grandkids in the pool. The security officer said that the owners voted on it to make it adult only. I think that was a very big mistake and it takes away for the value of the unit.
  • CONS: This resort has 3 pools - 2 for kids and 1 adult [+18] pool. I have 3 teenage daughters who are not interested in 'kiddie' pools - nor are we. So this posed a big problem for us because we all wanted to [1] be together and [2] enjoy the amenities of the nicer, adult pool adjacent to the ocean. My girls were very well behaved and polite but got kicked out of the adult pool and hot tub constantly. We will not stay here again because of this very rule.
  • Not impressed. I booked for my family and kids and the pool is not heated, the slides are not on, and I was told the kids are not allowed in the nice front pool.
  • First of all, this was our second stay at Las Palmas. The first time we stayed was three years ago in March and we stayed in a different villa than this time. We were pleased with the villa and the resort, except for the fact that the pool was not heated and it was too cold for even our children to swim (and they ALWAYS swim). We decided to give it another try this year in October. They added a new infinity edge pool which we were excited about, and we hoped that we would be able to swim in both the pools and the ocean. Once again, the pools were not heated. They were freezing! The ocean water was far warmer than the pools. There was NO ONE in either pool the four days we were there because of how cold the water was, and it was high 80s and low 90s the entire time. Seemed like such a waste to have a brand new pool that no one would use. Instead, there were 20 kids swimming in the lukewarm hot tub because it was the only water warm enough to be in. We walked to the resort next door the day we left to find they had not one, but FOUR heated pools. I advise to anyone looking at staying here to call and ask if any of the pools will be heated. It really puts a damper on everything when you have kids wanting to swim during their vacation in Mexico.