January 31, 2019 @ 11:36 PM

Las Palmas 2019 Homeowners Assembly January 26, 2019


Scrutinizers Jim Gibbons & Sylvia Fructhandler


Proposal 1 – Adult Only Pool Policy - Currently the negative edge side of the beach pool has been designated as adult only due to safety reasons.  This proposal will expand the adult only area to include the entire beach pool and the jacuzzi area.  The cost of this proposal should it be approved by owners is the additional cost of staff to enforce this proposal during daily hours of operation.


YES: 20.61%

NO: 14.84%


Proposal II – Permanent Daily Winter Month Pool Heating Policy - The current policy has been the slide side of the Clubhouse pool is heated when there is 20% or more occupancy. This has kept our utilities’ cost low by only heating the pool during the times when there is a reasonable amount of people at the Resort.  This proposal introduces to change the minimum 20% occupancy and make the heating of our pools unrestricted during the months of November through April.  With the addition of the new beach pools this policy gives the owners an opportunity to decide on what pool(s) will be heated without restriction on occupancy during the winter months. The estimated cost for unrestricted heating of our pools per month is as follows:  Megaslide pool area at the Clubhouse $7,000 per month (unrestricted), the back side of the beach pool is $9,000 per month (unrestricted). 


  1. Keep the current policy of 20% occupancy for heating.  27.47%

  2. If the proposal for unrestricted heating of our pools passes please vote on which pools to heat above and beyond our current budget:
    1. Megaslide - $7,000 per month. 2.35%

    2. Back Side of the Beach Pool - $9,000 per month.  If this proposal passes it is contingent upon the outcome of the Adult Only Pool proposal.  The heated pool must be available for all ages.  1.35%

    3. Both Megaslide Pool and the back side of the Beach Pool - $16,000 per month. 5.52%


Proposal III – Oversight Committee– One of the roles of the HOA Board of Directors is to form and appoint owners to various committees to assist the HOA.  This year the HOA Board of Directors has elected to give the owners the opportunity to appoint through the election process members to serve on this Committee.  The role of the Oversight Committee will be of a financial nature.  This Committee and its members are not in any way Board of Directors positions.  The Committee will be headed by the Treasurer of the Board and the members of this Committee will have access to HOA financial information through the Treasurer.  The purpose of this Committee is to assist the HOA and the Treasurer in finding ways to improve Las Palmas while being mindful of the fact that this is an HOA operating in Mexico and following Mexican financial practices and standard.  Owners wishing to participate and volunteer on this committee and for any other HOA position must be present at the meeting and in good standing and must be current on all their fees with no outstanding violations. 


YES: 30.15%

NO: 6.14%

Top THREE votes are on committee:


DEREK NEWMAN (G-403): 11%






Proposal IV – Beach Palapas – As a beachfront resort community Las Palmas has always had palapas.  To date the direction of the community has been to provide as many palapas as possible.  With the new beach pool development, it is important to the Board of Directors that the community provide the HOA with reaffirmation of this direction.  Currently we have four palapas on each side for a total of eight palapas and it is HOA practice to keep the height of the palapas no higher than the barrier wall to minimize any obstruction they may cause due to the new beach pool development.  We ask the owners to vote on:

  1. YES – continue to provide palapas based on our ability to do so; OR
  2. NO palapas in front of Las Palmas and remove the existing palapas.


YES: 29.91%

NO: 7.47 %


Proposal V – Changing trim color from current gold color on all buildings and villas to terracotta color currently used throughout the community - Currently the exterior trim color of the buildings and villas is a shade of gold.  The accent color such as building sides and interior stairwell is terracotta.  We asked the owners to provide the HOA direction on the following:

  1. YES – keep the shade of gold colors as they are – NO CHANGE 25.06%

  2. CHANGE THE shade of GOLD COLOR on all buildings and villas to match the terracotta color. 11.72%

  3. Eliminate the shade of gold color on all buildings and villas completely and use the off-white that currently exists as the main color. 0.0%


Proposal VI – Changing the Current Board from 3 Members to 5 Member.  As per Las Palmas Bylaws:  “The Board may increase the number of directors on the Board, but the number of directors must always be an odd number and shall not exceed nine (9) directors.”  Although this act falls under the role of the HOA Board of Directors it has been elected by the Board to bring this forward to all Owners, so the Owners can make this decision on increasing the current 3 member Board to a 5 member Board.  It is important to note that this proposal if approved, will amend our current Bylaws and will not only introduce two additional Board members, but will introduce the position of Secretary for one of these additional Board members.  Like most proposals there is a cost and a benefit. Please take the time to review both as amending our current structure has many costs associated with it, i.e., legal costs to amend our current Bylaws, additional Board of Directors expenses, additional organizational costs and greater HOA bureaucracy with an increased 5 member Board.


YES: 30.20%

NO: 7.09 %


2019 BUDGET PROPOSAL for the 2019 Operational Budget. Note:  The 2019 operational budget DOES NOT include the cost of the proposals.  The cost of any proposal that is approved will be added to the budget to reflect the decision of the owners. 


YES: 36.03%

NO: 1.77 %


Board Member election and voting procedures. A 3-year Term Board Member (currently Bonnie Horton in the Treasurer role). Bonnie Horton has announced that she will be seeking re-election in her role as Las Palmas Board of Director in the role of Treasurer. Any owners wishing to run for the Director position and who would like their name placed on our ballot please forward your resume to our website ASAP, so it can be added to the meeting package materials and so owners will have an opportunity to review your resume online prior to our meeting.