August 17, 2016 @ 9:37 AM

Attention owners,

Owner Diane Schwarz has put forth a proposal to the Board to dedicate one of our building pools to be adult only.  Diane cites that many other resorts both in Arizona and Peñasco have at least one "adult only" pool on property.  

We have attached a simple informal questionaire to get your opinion on whether we should put this proposal on the annual meeting agenda. 

Your response would be appreciated, and will give the Board a better understandng if the idea has merit and support of the ownership.  

Simply click on this link for informal vote.




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August 16, 2016 @ 7:05 PM

The removal of the rusty wrought iron railings from the perimiter pony walls around the condo buildings is moving at a rapid pace.

The railings are being replaced with an attractive stucco that will not require the intense maintenance of the railings.  This cost saving measure will enhance the appearance of our property as well as save the HOA valuable time and money in not having to maintain the old railings.

The section of wall on the left is the finished product, and the section on the right shows the work in progress of the block that replaced the railings.

The work on the Delphin and Bonita buildings is still in progress and will be completed by August 31st, at which time work will begin on the Grande and Baja buildings.


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August 4, 2016 @ 7:35 PM

Dear Las Palmas Owners,

We have been informed by city officials, that there is a major problem with the water delivery system for all o
f Peñasco

Many parts of the city have been without water for several days, and it looks like the situation is critical and the rest of the city is now impacted and service will not be restored for another three to five days.

Normally we have enough water reserves in our tanks for FOUR days, but with the busy weekend, it will be considerably less unless everyone pitches in to conserve water use.

Osvaldo has made arrangements to have some water trucked in from a neighboring community, but it will still require conservation on everyone's part.

We urge your ...

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