April 28, 2012 @ 12:20 PM


The Board met on April 15, 2012 for its quarterly meeting.  As you will see from the attached meeting minutes, a lot of new projects are scheduled for completion at our resort.  

The Board is pleased to report that non-lien delinquencies and late payments are at an all time low.  In addition, our utility  expenses are also at the lowest they have ever been in our resorts financial history.  With some added energy management programs now in place, water, power and propane expenses should become even lower as the year progresses.  Las Palmas management, HOA fees, and operational expenses are the envy of other resorts on Sandy Beach.

These figures will be posted on our new website "financial page&.........

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April 17, 2012 @ 7:28 AM


The HOA Board recently approached the management for the Laguna Del Mar Golf Course and requested a special discounted price for our owners to play golf.  The management has graciously offered to provide us with the following discount.
First time an owner plays golf the cost is $35.00 and a Free Lunch.
All subsequent times an owner plays golf the cost will be $35.00 for 18 holes of golf including a cart.
Requirements:  Owners will be required to provide their name if requested and to have in their possession the GREEN owners/HOA wrist bands for identification.
The Las Plamas HOA Board is very pleased that the Laguna Del Mar Golf Course has .........

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