March 19, 2011 @ 1:52 AM

Rental Pool Survey Results



19 Mar 2011



Survey Results


1. Number of Responses: 19


2. Representing: 5 1 bedroom units


4 1.5 bedroom units


10 2 bedroom units


1 Villa


3. Time in rental pool: Most of those responding have been in the rental pool for four to


five years.


4. As to the number of rentals generated by Dolphin:


Very Satisfied = 0 Satisfied = 7 Neutral = 8 Dissatisfied = 4 Very Dissatisfied = 0




--Due to economic situation and misinformation, number of rentals is better than at


other resorts.


--I think they get their fair share of renters.


--Owners in the rental pool at ......

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March 17, 2011 @ 2:04 AM

Greeting Dan, Bruce and Jaana,
When I was at Las Palmas a week ago I noticed there were only about 12 lounge chairs around the main pool area and many had no cushions on them. Needless to say, guests were complaining.The following day I curiously observed a group of Las Palmas maintenance workers sand blasting a stack of lounge chairs behind the Bonita building.
It was my understanding the homeowners voted at the January HOA meeting to transport all the lounge chairs to Mexicali for sand blasting, a galvanization process (of some sort), followed by a baked on powder paint coating in order to ensure a proper finish. Why then are the lounge chairs now being worked on by HOA employees?
The cushions were ...

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